Housing Options

One of the biggest decisions we face when it’s time to downsize is what kind of home will suit my needs and budget. Many properties offer amenities and  social programs creating a sense of community.Here are some of the more popular housing options for seniors

Option 1: Villa style townhouse

Villas offer a similar feel to a house, often attached to only one other unit, and featuring open plans and full basements for additional living space. Most, but not all villas, are condominiums. Fees vary based on size and amenities.

Option 2: Condominium apartments

Age restricted condominium apartments offer a secure living environment designed for mature adults. Most complexes feature one and two bedroom units with suitable amenities such as elevators, in-suite laundry, recreation facilities, to name a few. Condominium fees vary based on size and amenities.

Option 3: Seniors assisted living residences

Assisted living buildings offer a full-service lifestyle with daily meals, organized activities, on site management and health care services. Most have self-contained units with kitchens. Rents vary, but can be expensive due to the services provided.

Option 4: Mobile homes

Although not as popular in Alberta, mobile homes offer an affordable option for seniors not wanting to live in an apartment. There are several mobile home parks, in and around Calgary. As well there are a couple communities in Calgary and Airdrie where  mobile homes that are on their city lots.